Merino Care


Caring for your Merino is simple, but as with all natural fibres, the more you look after it the longer it will look after you.

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your shirt is to wash it sparingly. We recommend washing after every four to five rounds because the natural odour-resistant and anti-bacterial properties of the Merino wool fibres will keep your shirt smelling and feeling fresh. Simply allow your shirt to air for a few hours after each round and it will be ready to look after you again.


  • Ramsie Golf Shirts are machine washable.

  • For best results turn your shirt inside out and wash with similar colours on a gentle cycle at a low temperature.

  • If possible, we highly recommend placing your shirt in a laundry wash bag. This will help your shirt to retain its shape and protect the fibres from from rubbing and snagging on zips and other items. The laundry bags from our friends at Guppyfriend are especially clever as they trap microfibres that break off from synthetic fabrics and often end up in the ocean.

  • Do not use bleach or fabric conditioner.


  • As soon as your shirt has been washed lay it flat on a towel, reshape and allow to dry in shade away from heat sources such as radiators.

  • Do not wring or tumble dry.

  • Merino wool retains its shape easily after washing, but if further reshaping is required turn your shirt inside out and warm steam iron using a pressing cloth or cotton towel.


  • For daily storage we suggest hanging your Ramsie Golf Shirt after use so it can breathe and regulate before being worn again.

  • If you need to send your shirt into hibernation we recommend cleaning it and then folding it away in the breathable, cotton bag it arrived in. If moths or silverfish are a concern, a cedar block placed alongside your shirt bag should deter the little suckers, as cedar is more effective and smells infinitely nicer than mothballs.


  • Pilling is a natural process that occurs when the shorter fibres make their way to the surface of the fabric and form small balls.

  • The best way to prevent pilling is to wash your shirt within the first four wears.

  • Should pilling occur, a simple pilling comb such as this version from The White Company will remove the shorter fibres.